Content Consultant.
New Media Strategist.

Nikki has worked with a number of industry professionals to develop and market their films. With many important film industry contacts, Nikki is focused and driven in her journey to assist industry professionals and connect films to the new media age. When it comes to talent management, Nikki loves to cultivate the careers of driven online creators. Connecting our talent with big brands and ensuring creators 'get the best' out of every opportunity is her forte.

Social Media Guru.
Content Consultant.
Talent Manager.

After building her own empire on YouTube Elly turned 'being a YouTuber' into a successful full-time business and used social media to propel her career. Now with over 10 years experience in social media marketing Elly has become a sort-after 'influencer' and has worked with major brands like Sony, Nintendo, Netflix and Coca Cola to produce and present their advertising campaigns. Not only does Elly have skills as a camera operator, writer and editor but she's also become a children's TV presenter and an author (of “How to Feel Awesome Every Day” which has been published by Penguin Random House).  Having now 'done-it-all' with her online career you can feel confident Elly knows her stuff and her focus is now on helping likeminded people chase their dreams.

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